Our Materials

Ethically Sourced + Crafted

Crescent Moon sources alpaca fiber and sheep wool from stress-free and pesticide-free environments because we care about the health and happiness of our animal friends, and to ensure that we are providing the most luxurious sleep experience possible for our customers. Every pillow and comforter is lovingly handcrafted, packed, and shipped by the artisans in Crescent Moon's Seattle workshop. 


Find Allergy Relief

Crescent Moon pillows and comforters are encased in a in a lusciously soft 100% GOTS certified + micron tested organic cotton fabric (260 TC). This fabric is very tightly woven, and impenetrable by dust mites--one of the most common household allergens. 

Not only is the encasement dust mite-proof, but the fillings are dust mite resistant as well. Alpaca fiber is hollow, and sheep wool is moisture wicking. This combination creates an environment that is too dry for dust mites, and results in a hypoallergenic sleep experience for you. 

In addition to dust mite resistance, you will also find relief from pesticides and harsh chemicals with these natural fillings. Alpaca fiber and sheep wool are natural flame retardants; so there are no chemicals added. Our animal fibers are washed naturally without the use of any chemicals, bleaches, or dyes.